Wildcard Story

Learn English Grammar with Wildcard Story

Wildcard Story is a fast-paced English grammar game, with a special focus on learning to use English words creatively. Players may generate decks of various parts of speech to emphasize using a particular part of speech, or, players can use cards from several parts of speech to see who can twist a story in the most hilarious direction!


How to play

What you need to play Wildcard Story

  • 2-6 players
  • A deck with enough cards to give each person 5-10 cards
    • You can print your own below!
  • A whiteboard with markers for each player
  • (optional) Small magnets for tacking cards to the board.
  • A timer
    • Sand timers or a phone timer work
  • All of the above items are available from the Supply Store, or you can get them at most office supply stores

Game Rules

  • Standard play
    • If teaching, the teacher is a judge for sentences being gramatically correct
    • Each player starts with a hand of 5-10 cards (depending on whether you want a shorter or longer game)
    • The goal is to write a story. Either the first player starts a story, or players may decide on the story.
    • A player has 30 seconds or 1 minute to write a sentence on the board, which utilizes a card in their hand
      • Only a complete sentence counts!
      • The story needs to make sense, at least somewhat (total changes are not allowed, twists are OK)
      • If the player cannot do this in time, they must draw a card.
      • If the player can play multiple cards in one turn, they may draw a card and give it to someone else!
    • Players continue to write sentences until a player runs out of cards. This is the winner!
    • Multiple games: you may rank/score players on the number of cards left over each game. Lowest score wins.
  • Timed play
    • Instead of one sentence, players may write until they are out of time.
    • To keep it fun, keep the time limit to one minute, and complete sentences only.
  • Forced parts of speech (much harder!)
    • If you have a deck with one part of speech, force people to use cards for that part of speech
      • For example, all nouns in sentences MUST be noun cards
      • From experience, this is a vastly harder game, and stories take very strange twists!

Get a deck!

Head to the Random Deck page to print up a random deck. You may also filter by part of speech. The maximum number of cards per page is 60 - if you need to print bigger decks, contact us.

As you play, be sure to rate cards on how challenging they are:

Rate Cards

Download a random deck here. You may filter by part of speech.

Random Deck

You may also print card backs. If you have difficulty getting the alignment just right, you can also do borderless card backs

Note that you must select the same part of speech/deck size as your deck! Otherwise the backs and fronts will not match!

Card Backs

Card Backs Without Borders

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Wildcard story is under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license, which means that as long as you give laboratorymike.com attribution, you are free to print, share, and even sell decks. If you have ideas to adapt on the idea, that's great too, so long as you share your work in the same way.

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