How to reset the window manager in Xubuntu

The problem

    Occasionally the window manager in Xubuntu will crash, which leads to a handfull of telltale symptoms:

  • Any window opened doesn't have the minimize/maximize/close buttons
  • The title bar disappears on the windows
  • All windows are stuck in the top left corner
  • The top panel disappears behind new windows
  • Workspaces become inaccessible
  • Windows cannot be resized

The solution

Resetting the window manager is very straightforward. Just open a terminal and type in this command:

    xfwm4 --replace &

The windows should be fixed automatically once the command executes. Next, if you notice that the window manager crashes repeatedly for the same reason, it's worth your time to file a bug report, so the Xubuntu developers have a good chance of fixing it: