How to use iMovie and the iPad Camera to make Youtube videos


    This is a tutorial that covers how to use the iPad camera and iMovie to create a video and upload it to YouTube. I used this as part of a science activity in which students made videos to teach about metric units. I found that it is an interesting educational experience to have the students try to teach what they learned.

    FWe tried it twice, and the main thing I and the teacher learned was that this kind of activity (making a video about what students learned) should not be done until students are at least midway through a unit, since students will be lost if they are told to make a movie about measurements if they do not know what the units are. Also, be sure to plan at least two days for this activity, one day to plan and record, and another to edit and upload. For the students, I observed that some students greatly enjoyed being able to use creativity in science class, and we had a fairly even split of students who enjoyed hamming it up on camera versus being afraid of getting on camera.

    If you make use of this video and do your own activity, feel free to comment on it in the Comments section. Also, if you are interested in using only iMovie, here is a shortened version which covers that app only:


    In future episodes, I will be getting a better camera! But for now, I hope these were informative.